yvonne and donny“Why My Mom Deserves a Diamond” Essay Contest

Donny’s Diamond Gallery would like to thank all the participants in the Mother’s Day essay contest.  The response was tremendous with close to three hundred entries.  Students all across the county wrote essays to submit to the “Why My Mom Deserves a Diamond” essay contest for a chance to win a diamond necklace or gift certificate from Donny’s Diamond Gallery.  Students wrote about their moms, grandmothers and sisters with such conviction and love it was touching to read all the entries.  All the students who entered deserve congratulations for their hard work and touching essays.

The students did an exceptional job and a great, big thank you to all the teachers who helped the students first placeexpress their feeling of love and adoration.  Many teachers used this contest as a learning opportunity by making it a class project. It was very impressive to see how creative and articulate the third graders in our area are.  The kids voiced how appreciative they are of their mothers doing everyday routines such as cooking, cleaning, helping with homework and taking them to their sports events. 

First place winner, George Obiyor.

My sister is very caring. She loves me and I know it. Sometimes you can't tell but other times it's easy to tell. Here are some ways you can tell she loves me.

My sister assists me. She helps me with my homework only when I need help. She doesn't really tell me the answers, she just helps me try to figure out the answers. Then she checks my homework. She helps me me practice sports. She may be a girl but she ispretty good at football. She cheers for me on the sidelines. When it's my day to set the dinnertable she helps me.

My sister takes care of me. She helps do my laundry if I ever get to do my laundry. She cooks for me a lot. Her food is good!!! My sister tells me what might happen if I do something. That helps me know what I should do and what I shouldn't do.

My sister talks with me. She tells me secrets. She talks about both our feelings.

This why I think my sister should win 1st prize. She is the best sister ever!!!!!!!!!!!

It was touching to see how many of these children viewed the special lady in their lives as heroes.  Several children showed their creativity by using metaphors in comparing their mothers to the preciousness of a diamond.  Some even illustrated their essays with pictures of diamonds and one entrant submitted a painting.  One writer even invited Donny to his birthday because “he is so cool.” 

All the essays were so wonderful and it was very hard determining the winners.  Donny and Fatemeh are so grateful to the judges who made their job of choosing the winners easier.  The judges who came to the rescue of Donny’s Diamond Gallery are:
Sara Alavi – freelance writer with Huntsville Event Magazine
Brad Clasgens – account executive with WHNT Channel 19
Mary Anne Swanstrom– editor for the Huntsville Times’ Enjoy

It was so difficult to narrow the winners because they all did a wonderful job.  It was so difficult that we couldn’t narrow it down to three essays and had a tie for third place.  Although all the essays were wonderful to read these four essays really stood out. 

secondThe winners are……

Second place winner, Shawn P. Law.

My mom derserves the diamond. She works really hard every day. Once you get to know her she is a really good person. My mom has a rough life, she takes care of a lot of people at the house she lives in. She does all the work. One reason my mom deservves the diamond is because she needs a break!

My mom raised two children, me and my sister. After that she never got snything fr her birthday I want to make it up for all the times she didn't get anything. A diamond might be awesome to her, nit just the fact itis a diamond, but that it comes from me. Thats all that matters, that it comes from someone special. I bet she will treasure the diamond in only one way that it comes from me.

My mom deserves the diamond so much because every time I see her or visit her she tries to make me happy, by giving me whatever I want. All she does is say "what do you want to do" all day long. For once I really want to give my mom whatever she wants.

All I want to do is make my mom happy. I dont care what place I come in I want want to give my mom something special from me, thats all.

I love my mom so much. I think she deserves something special, so please give me a chance to make my mom happy. Just once in my life I want to give her something special she is the best mom I've ever had. I love her so much.

  1. George Obiyor from Lynn Fanning Elementary who is the winner of an antique reproduction ½ carat diamond pendant valued at $1499 from Donny’s Diamond Gallery.  Lynn Fanning also received a $100 gift certificate from their Staples for having the student with the winning essay.
  2. Shawn P. Law from Chapman Elementary received a $250 gift certificate from Donny’s Diamond Gallery.
  3. Madelynn Kae Cleveland from Legacy Elementary and Haley Clemons from Whitesburg Elementary each received a $150 gift certificate from Donny’s Diamond Gallery.

On Tuesday, May 05 George Obiyor was presented with the diamond necklace prize from Donny’s Diamond Gallery during an assembly at Lynn Fanning Elementary School.    Staples was very generous in awarding the school with the winning essay a $100 gift card to their store.  A special thank you to WHNT Channel 19 for covering the awards presentation.

We also wanted to congratulate the honorable mentions that were finalists in the contest. 

Academy for Academics and Arts
Marley Dunn

Chapman Elementary
Ashlyn Gravett
Shawntrez Whitaker

third AColumbia Elementary School
Paul Kirstein
Sara Lay

Third place winner, Madelynn Kae Cleveland.

My mom deserves a diamond because nobody can hug me like my mom. Nobody can love me and understand me like my mom can.

A Donny's diamond from Donny's Diamond Gallery would make my leap to the moon. My mom will be really proud. If I don't get a diamond necklace for my mom that's fine.

One thing I love about my mom is no can hug me like my mom can. She hugs me so much she shakes my whole body sometimes. She also has heart problems but she hugs me tight anyway. I get to see her in the summer from now on. I think that's better than not seeing her at all. My mommy is really compassionate. She is totally awesome. She said she going to take my sister and I swimming at a little island.

Another thing I love about my mom is nobody can understand or support me like her. She keeps me as safe as possible, she listens to my problems all the time, no matter what it is with school.

The third thing I love about my mom is no person in the world could love me as much as my mom does. My mom loves me so much she hugs me really, really tight, and says "I love you so much Maddie" I really enjoy having her say that. I miss her alot because she lives in Michigan. So do my cousins. Her mom made me a juice called Blue Moon Juice. It's absolautly positively yummy. I really love that Blue Moon Juoce. My mommy is respectful to me. She makes me really exited.

My mommy is the best in the entire solar system. My mommy's hair's blond. My mommy is really, really, really beautiful, super beautiful.

Grace Lutheran School
Kaelyn Brielle Vigil

Harvest Elementary School
Chaz Del Mar
Madilyn Locke
Will Lowe
Alexyss Reynold

Legacy Elementary School
James E. Bennett, Jr.
Camryn Grace Shields
Tyler Hendrix
Grayson Littrel
Christopher L. Meininger
Carter Thomas
Danielle Tuck

Lynn Fanning Elementary School
Tiffany Breeden
Tara Dozier
Tiffany Needle
Deanna Tucker
Jena Walker
Ryan Wilkinson

Monrovia Elementary School
William Kilpatrick

School unknown
William Zeke

Walnut Grove Elementary
Tori Duke
Rachel Pierce
Brandon Walling

Westminister Christian Academy
Rebekah Nicole Kennedy
Emily Sellers

Whitesburg Elementary School
Manuel Contretras

There were also a few memorable lines we would like to share. 

"She is frightfully funny"

"The final reason my mom should get the diamond is she is a good cook.  My BEST chicken ever."

"In fact she is so nice she shares the chocolates she gets on Valentine's Day and
Mother's Day."

"It is loving being with my mother."

"She is my best friend because she likes to hang out with me."

"She feeds me."

”She cooks for me.”

"She is loving, honest and friendly"

third BCongratulations to all the students who participated and thank you for sharing your words with us.  From all of us at Donny’s Diamond Gallery, we hope all your lovely mothers have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Third place winner, Haley Clemons.

Why My Mom Deserves a Diamond

I believe my mom deserves a diamond because she loves me a whole lot. She loves me because all 8 times I went to the hospital she been right next to me. Plus all the times hard thing shave happened to me shes helped me. f I need help of whats happening in my life she helps me all she can. When I go to my Dads she gives me kissing hands. Kissing hands is when you Kiss somebody that you love like you mom on the hand, and when your sad you put your hand on your cheek and there's your miss you kiss, love you kiss, or goodnight kiss.


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